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    • Live signals and trading with Q&A
    • Free training courses
    • Signal screenshots
    • Access to master traders
    • Longterm trading
    • Video & PDF training available
    • Recorded sessions for demo
    • Mindsetting & more series
    • Weekly reviews
    • Live Forex Signals & Much More!

    Frequently Asked

    Below are some of the most common questions regarding forex signals and trading the forex markets. Any further questions will be answered via email or chat.


    How much does the service cost?

    Our fees are $97 every 2 weeks. The fee is automatically billed until cancellation. 24/7 support and easy, hassle free cancellation. Unfortunately there are no refunds on initial payment because once you gain access all information is available for downloading or viewing.


    What do i get with membership?

    Most importantly you get our one of a kind  signals! They accurately predict small and large market movements. Plus, the room has live chat with master traders during session, offline training, videos, guides, and more.


    How do the signals perform and what is the accuracy?

    Honestly, they're absolutely amazing. We prefer to let our members tell you. Read the many testimonials and you will find out for yourself! Read testimonials...


    When does the forex trading session start?

    The live session begins daily Monday through Friday at 9 AM EST and continues until around 2 PM EST. As you become a more experienced trader, the other markets will be open to trade.  In order to view local time zones click here.


    What if I can't trade the live session?

    That's not a problem! Membership offers several different ways to trade. Access to our signal screenshots make it possible to place a trade at anytime of the day. In addition, there are signals for placing long-term trades.


    Which broker should I use?

    Please contact us directly via email or chat as brokers vary from country to country.


    How much money do i need to start?

    Other than the $97 every 2 weeks, the trading deposit is entirely up to you, as little as $10 depending on payment processors. Most brokers offer demo accounts so you can practice without any deposit.

    What We Can Do For You

    We can offer you the most comprehensive training and live consultation for just one price. No upsells, no extra consulting fees, no mentoring fees, just one price of $97 every 2 weeks until you cancel. (Guaranteed Easy One Step Cancellation) 

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    Business and Personal Growth

    Earnings and more! We believe in earning cash and developing a mindset that will propel you forward to a better you!

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    Free Live Training

    That’s right! 100% free live training. Our master traders are there every day to answer your questions and help in every way.

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    Online Videos & More

    We offer recorded live sessions and tutorials from our master traders to help you learn outside of our live sessions.

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    Free Mentoring

    Our master traders help as much as they can and have been known to take newbies under their wings and make them soar!

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