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June 25, 2024

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by Bt Stew

The Latest Training Videos from Various Traders

New US30 Trading Strategy (06-09-2024)

Trading the US30 with Blues - (04-21-2024)

Ultimate Trading Combo - GWTF, Rule 2 & JASX (04-07-2024)

US30 Index Trading - Early Entries (03-17-2024)

Igor's Top Trading Strategy (03-07-2024)
Jas Extras #2 (01-14-2024)

Jas Extras #1 (01-14-2024)

GWTF Rules (01-14-2024)

GWTF Using MoM SL Strategy (12-17-2023)

GWTF 3-0 & 2-1 HA Trading Strategy (12-03-2023)

Master Any Market - 6 Pip Strategy (11-12-2023)
HA Blues & Turning Points (10-15-2023)

HA Blues & SL Strategy (10-10-2023)

Early Entries & Absolute Control (09-23-2023)

Golden Ticket with 5 Minute White Signals (09-02-2023)

Glorious 3-0 Forex Trades (08-27-2023)

6 Pip Heikin-Ashi Trading Strategy (08-13-2023)

Easy Way to Trading 40 Pips Per Day (08-06-2023)

Range & Reversal Strategy Part 2 (07-13-2023)

Range & Reversal Strategy Part 1 (07-09-2023)

Rule 2 and the 5 CL Part Deux (06-19-2023)

Rule 2 and 5 CL by Jas (06-04-2023)

Money Maker Setup (05-17-2023)

Trend vs. Bias Using Weekly Charts (04-30-2023)

The 1 Rule Hanzo Strategy (04-10-2023)

GWTF and First Flips (04-07-2023)

Roxy, Moxy, & 1st Flip by Jas (04-01-2023)

GWTF & 2 Rules of Trading (03-12-2023)

15 Min Strategy By BT (02-27-2023)

Flipped Ha BBB by Jax (02-26-2023)

The Roxy, Moxy and Whites by Jax (02-18-2023)
15 min whites & the 3 Set up's by Jaz
15 min whites and 2nd Moves Strategy By Jax
2 Jasfran Segments by Hans
Super Label Trading Strategy Part 2 by Jax
Super Label Trading Strategy Part 1 by Jax
LT Labels & The 3 Set Ups by Jaz
Scalping the HA & 5 Min Labels by Jaz
24+ Pip Ultra Scalping Strategy (11-27-2022)
LT Blues & 15 Min 2nd Moves (11-06-2022)

3 HA Whites & LT Band Breaks (10-25-2022)

LT’s, BBB’s, & Reversals (10-23-2022)

Flipped LT Bands & 15 Min 2nd Moves(10-16-2022)
Running, Ranging, & New System(10-05-2022)
The Best Max Plan Setups (10-05-2022)
New Formula! Yellow’s HA Line CC & 2nd Moves (09-04-2022)
Super HA Label Strategy (08-22-2022)
LT – Trading the Super Weekly (08-22-2022)
New Super ATM Scalping Strategy (08-15-2022)
5 Min + HA Line Bias Trade (08-09-2022)
HA White Strategy (07-09-2022)
Long term TF Flipped Bands (07-03-2022)

15 Min and 3 Setups (06-27-2022)
HA and 5 Min Whites (06-24-2022)
Trading the HA Whites (06-06-2022)
The 5 Minute White Strategy (05-09-2022)
15 Min Band + 1 Hr OL by Bt Stew (04-27-2022)
1-4-8 and Daily Setup Strategy (04-10-2022)
3 Step Setup with Jas (03-20-2022)
New 5 Min Green Bias (03-14-2022)
GWTF & Rules Rev. (03-08-2022)
BB Band Flips & Blues (02-21-2022)
The Schusto – 180 to 270 Pips/Week (02-15-2022)
Trend Trading with Starting Points(01-30-2022)
New 15 Minute TF Trading(01-24-2022)
The Monday Setup (01-24-2022)
Ranging, Running, & Reversing Markets (01-10-2022)
5 Min Moving Average and BBBs (01-06-2022)
24 Pip Per Day Plan by Monday (Narrated by Jas) (12-20-2021)
HA and BB’s Scalping Strategy(12-14-2021)
Trading LTs with Weekly Charts by Jas (cont.)(11-14-2021)
Trading LTs with Weekly Charts (11-07-2021)
Two Simple Ways To Trade (11-04-2021)
Darvins, Jasvins, & LT Tips(10-25-2021)
The Darvin Trading Strategy 2 (10-04-2021)
The Darvin Trading/Risk Strategy (09-25-2021)
Super Scalping Strategy (09-12-2021)
Long-term Forex Trading Strategies (09-12-2021)
Trading 5 Min Chart Plus GT #1-2-4 (08-28-2021)
Trend & Bias Using RSI (08-10-2021)
Training & HA Entry Tips (08-05-2021)
Big Time Frame OL-BB Trading (07-29-2021)
Golden Ticket & HA Entry (07-26-2021)
Listen! Go With The Flow (GWTF) (06-14-2021)
Using Buy & Sell Stops (04-22-2021)
15 Min Blues & BBB Strategy (03-01-2021)
It’s All About The Blues (02-24-2021)
Big Time Frame Blues (02-21-2021)
Previous Supers (01-29-2021)
Starting Point & 2 Rules by Jas MT (12-07-2020)
Daily Chart 50 Pip Trades by Jas MT (12-07-2020)
Long Term Trading by Jas MT (11-09-2020)
Big Time Frame Trading by Jas MT
HA Entries & MOM Stops by Bt Stew
The Ulitmate Scalping Strategy by Jas
10 Pip Entries by Tiger MT
Trading & Entries with The Golden Ticket by Jas
Simple 5 Pip Strategy by Jas
Live Trading with Tiger MT
15 Minute Strategy by Jas
Going with The Flow by Jas
HA BB Band Trades with JS
How To Trade Trending Arrows with BR
How To Trade Against Strong Trends

Training Videos Cover
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In early 2015 I was searching for a second income, an extra wage to help pay the bills. I’d had a go at MLM but found all the extra work time consuming. I started looking into binary options and in doing some research I came across a BOTS review. Straight away I was impressed but wanted to do some more research and over the next couple of weeks I found myself drawn to the site on a few occasions and in May 2015 I decided to give it a go. Read more...

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I found this class by accident. I was already doing some forex and binary when I found MT’s site. Getting texts when to buy and when to sell from the other service I was using was a complete joke. I couldn’t stand the waiting and wondering if we were getting a text or not. It always made me wonder where they are getting the signals. How did they know this and why wasn't it more consistent. One thing for sure they did put a lot of hype to get you to join.

Then I found a video of MT’s session.

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