Premier Forex League Exit Survey: Share Your Feedback

May 25, 2024

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How Can We Make It Better?

Thank you for being part of the Premier Forex League community. As you take this step to part ways with us, we sincerely value your insights and would like to understand your experience. Your feedback is crucial in helping us enhance our products and ensure that our services meet the expectations of our users. 

Please take a few moments to participate in the Premier Forex League Exit Survey. Your opinions matter to us, and we're committed to making continuous improvements based on your valuable input.

How would you rate your overall satisfaction with the services provided by the Premier Forex League? Please choose a rating from 1 (completely dissatisfied) to 5 (completely satisfied). Please only choose one.
How often did you utilize the signals and other resources provided by the Premier Forex League? Please only choose one.
Compared to other forex signal providers, how do you view our pricing and the value of our services? Please only choose one.
Was our customer support able to assist you with any inquiries or problems during your subscription period? If not, what areas do you believe need improvement?
How likely are you to return to the Premier Forex League in the future, or to recommend our services to others? Please only choose one.
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In early 2015 I was searching for a second income, an extra wage to help pay the bills. I’d had a go at MLM but found all the extra work time consuming. I started looking into binary options and in doing some research I came across a BOTS review. Straight away I was impressed but wanted to do some more research and over the next couple of weeks I found myself drawn to the site on a few occasions and in May 2015 I decided to give it a go. Read more...

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I found this class by accident. I was already doing some forex and binary when I found MT’s site. Getting texts when to buy and when to sell from the other service I was using was a complete joke. I couldn’t stand the waiting and wondering if we were getting a text or not. It always made me wonder where they are getting the signals. How did they know this and why wasn't it more consistent. One thing for sure they did put a lot of hype to get you to join.

Then I found a video of MT’s session.

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