Entering The Trading Room

Attn: If you are new to the room private message MT. (Desktop-click ask question. Mobile-upper right hand corner)

The trading room is split into 2 separate feeds. We have a chat feed and the live signal feed. In order to get the meeting # for the live feed you must first login to the chat feed. If you are there first thing in the morning (9am est), MT will post the meeting id. If not, just politely ask for “Link” and someone will post it in the chat feed.

  1. If you haven’t downloaded gotomeeting you can do it here. (100% Free)(Not requried, you can use weblink in chat) GotoMeeting Download Link
  2. Log in to the chat feed: Chat Link
  3. Enter your “handle”/username, your email address and enter the weekly password.
  4. Find link or politely ask for “Link”.
  5. Last step is to say “Hello” to other members and please annouce that your a “Newbie” to the room.

3 Easy Steps

Step 1 – Log in to sound & chat software: https://live.myownconference.com/bots

Step 2 – Ask for “Link” or look in chat roll to find posted meeting link.

Step 3 – Use a laptop, tablet, or phone for sound & chat. See images below.



Note: The room can get a bit overwhelming at first as there are several conversations taking place. Either ask any person with an MT after their name for assistance or reach out directly to MT. You can private message him by clicking in the upper right hand corner of chat. Please make sure to reach out to someone in the room if you need help. We are here to assist you in every possible way!

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