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Featured Testimonials from Our Traders

All members have usernames as we protect each member’s privacy and anonymity. All testimonials were written by our members.

The room is full of so much love and good energy, have learned so much about traders mindset in the trading room. Have grown a lot in all possible ways in here. Everyone supporting each other. Nothing like it anywhere else and so happy to be part of this family. And can make millions with the perfect system we have!!! This is a big lifechanger for me!! 🙂 

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This room is a masterpiece I went from struggling to make 20 pips a day A DAY!  to 300-400 pips consistently its just perfection and the people are the best people you will ever meet PERIOD

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John Wick


This room is a masterpiece I went from struggling to make 20 pips a day A DAY!  to 300-400 pips consistently its just perfection and the people are the best people you will ever meet PERIOD

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John Wick


I love this room for the fantastic non-selfish successful traders that share everything they know for everyone’s success.

When I started here I was looking for a system for forex profit. But the most important things I find here everyday (apart from the incredible system),  are friendship, caring of each other, and a lot of tips for living your life as everyone  deserves.

Thank you MT, thank you wonderful family!!!

Avatar 1

Brad Pips


In early 2015 I was searching for a second income, an extra wage to help pay the bills. I’d had a go at MLM but found all the extra work time consuming. I started looking into binary options and in doing some research I came across a BOTS review. Straight away I was impressed but wanted to do some more research and over the next couple of weeks I found myself drawn to the site on a few occasions and in May 2015 I decided to give it a go.

Have you ever thought about decisions you’ve made over the years and really thought about how they have affected your life? We often remember the poor decisions not the good, but this was the best move I ever made.

Over the 4 years I’ve been a member the room has changed incredibly. It’s evolved from binary options to forex and all the
tweaks over the years have led to where we are today. The Master trader has created something truly remarkable. A place where you can come and learn to trade forex and in short term make really good money. There are now multiple multi-millionaires in the room. I’m sure DJ MT would agree with me that there is no place like this anywhere on the internet. Where new members are helped along by the Master trader, older members and traders who wish for nothing more than to see others attain real wealth. And that is a reality. I will not say it’s easy as people tend to learn at their own pace but once you find out what type of trader you are you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about. Traders in the room vary from short term scalpers to longer term trend traders. There are strategies for all, helpful videos,
mindset training and master traders to help get you up and running. As usual I’ve gone off course, this is supposed to be a testimonial and it’s turned into a review.

To say my time in the room has been anything but happy and rewarding would be a lie. I have made many friends here in this wonderful United Nations of trading rooms and hope to make many more in the future. And that pesky DJ from my earlier testimonial, well he’s improved massively and I now consider him a close friend. I once said to him that I was not sure I’d have the patience to do and say what he does day in day out as the new members questions can be quite repetitive, but I know now I was wrong. You see, MT has a massive heart and his devotion and caring nature has rubbed off on me and I daresay the other master traders as well.

Back to that decision in 2015. You think I made a great choice? I think my life would be missing something incredible if I’d walked away on that fateful day in May. My life has been enriched by the people in this room and as with most other members it is the highlight of my day.

Thank you, MT. Thank you for this wonderful room and thank you all for being part of my life.

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Elite Master Trader

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I am just one of the many MT's that will help you on your Forex journey. One of us is always in the trading room looking to help traders learn the system and get profitable, ASAP! I started out like most retail traders. I started dabbling, losing, losing some more, and then really losing. I just happened across this room in 2012 and I wish I could say "The rest was history", but that wasn't the case. The learning curve was long and hard, but I finally made it. Then, I reached out to the owner of the room and asked if he would wanted a more structured site built with courses & other essential items to lessen the learning curve. (I own a marketing company, X1 Marketing Inc.) That is how I got involved in helping MT. I do it for free, he has given me so much, it's the least I can do. Once you grasp the trading style and learn the signals, there is no turning back.... income beyond your wildest dreams. We all look forward to seeing you in the room... we aren't just traders, we're a family!

Bt Stew MT

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