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This is what separates us from other signal services. We follow it…WHY…Because it just works!! It is the most innovative way to trade forex on the planet. Designed, tested, implemented, and proven method of Master Traders and Newbies. If you follow the rules of the GT (Golden Ticket) your success is right around the corner!!

1) Trade 1hr and/or 4hr direction with living arrow on living candle…IF THERE IS NO ARROW ON 1 AND/OR 4 THEN  2) Look for TREND and bounces off BB bands and OL in direction of TREND…IF THER IS NO STRONG TREND THEN  3) Look for 5 and/or 15 minute signals  4)Trade daily signal with #2

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3 Steps To Forex Trading

Entering A Forex Trade

Trading The 1 and 4 Hour Forex Signals

Jas - 5 Minute Pullback Candles

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