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Learn about forex trading and take your knowledge to the next level with the Premier Forex League’s forex education tools. Whether you’re just getting started on forex trading or have been for years, our forex mentors will help you navigate the industry.

Our expertly curated forex courses and tools will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about forex. Learn the tricks of the trade while mastering the basics of trading with the best forex education available.

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How to Spot a Forex Scam 

Unfortunately, forex scams are very commonplace in the industry. This course will discuss how to spot a forex scam, the different types of forex scams, and what to do if you come across one. 

What Is Forex?

In this course, you’ll learn the basics of forex trading. You’ll know when you can trade, what you can trade, and understand the currency pairs. You’ll also discover some of the most common forex terms, such as bid price and quote currency.

How to Use MetaTrader4 (MT4)

MT4, or Metatrader4, is a popular online trading platform used by over a million global traders. The platform comes with various features geared to making trading enjoyable for traders. This course will go over how to set up a MetaTrader4 account and best use the platform to your advantage.

What Is Non-Farm Payroll?

This section will discuss the ins and outs of non-farm payroll (NFP). NFP is one of the most important events that happen each month. The report measures the current unemployment rate and how many jobs were created in the United States. 

This module will discuss why the NFP is crucial for forex traders. 

Cheat Sheets

Our cheat sheet library includes documents prepared by our trading mentors. These cheat sheets come in PDF format and are easy for you to download and print. 

How to Use Support and Resistance

Support and resistance are thought by many traders to be the backbone of analyzing the market. It’s a widely used tool in forex trading to identify various potential points on forex trading charts. This course will show you how to use support and resistance to boost your trading knowledge. 

Proprietary Trading Firms

Want to start trading with a proprietary trading firm? We outline the pros and cons of each firm, helping you make an educated choice. Our resources will help you trade with the best prop firms in the market. 

How to Back-test

In our “how to back-test” module, we’ll show you how to develop your trading strategy. Back-testing examines the effectiveness of your strategy, giving you the confidence to adhere to it, even when it doesn’t seem to be working. 

Forex Technical Analysis 

Technical analysis is a critical component of forex trading. We’ll show you how to use forex technical analysis to study and predict how prices will fluctuate. 

Forex Trading Psychology

Trading can mess with your mind, but there are ways to stay in control. Our in-depth forex trading mindset and psychology course will help you keep a positive mind frame when training. 

Forex Technical Indicators

Our mentors will show you the top forex technical indicators to pay attention to when trading. You’ll learn how to identify the patterns in the market, helping you make educated training decisions. 

Forex Divergence

Divergence is a commonly used term in the forex trading world. It describes the phenomenon of an asset price moving in the opposite direction of a specific technical indicator. This course will go over the different types of forex divergence and how you can use them in your trading. 

Forex Fundamental Analysis 

Our forex fundamental analysis course will show you how to study and analyze how social, economic, and political factors impact the market. You’ll learn the different ways what’s going on in the world can affect forex trading. 

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At the Premier Forex League, we’re committed to helping forex traders increase their confidence and skillset. That’s why we provide a comprehensive selection of classes, tools, and resources that are easy to navigate. Each of our modules has been expertly curated by our financial professionals, who have over 50 years of experience in the industry.

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