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“Discover The #1 Secret Top Traders Use To Become Forex Masters Faster Than Everyone Else!”

forex artificial intelligence | premier forex league

Forex Artificial Intelligence! Predicts 4 Currency Pairs In Real Time! 

Our patented signals prove there is a new and easy way to trade. The days of candle formations, drawing lines, looking for things like fib retracements, elliot waves, or head & shoulders are a thing of the past. This is the future of forex trading!

JUST WAIT FOR THE AI! That’s All I Do To Get 100+ Pips Per Day!”


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✅ Performance verified forex artificial intelligence

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Here’s what our traders say…

This room is a masterpiece I went from struggling to make 20 pips a day A DAY to 300-400 pips consistently! It’s just perfection and the people are the best people you will ever meet PERIOD

~John Wick 


After trying several forex classes that all did not work, I was so happy that I found Franco (MT). It completely changed my life. Besides making a lot of money every day, we have a lot of fun with the family. Find out for yourself. Be amazed. We are so blessed in this room!

~HUGO (Master Trader)

I love this room for the fantastic non-selfish successful traders that share everything they know for everyone’s success.
When I started here I was looking for a system for forex profit. But the most important things I find here everyday (apart from the incredible system),  are friendship, caring of each other, and a lot of tips for living your life as everyone  deserves.
Thank you MT, thank you wonderful family!!!

~Brad Pips

I have been in many, MANY things in my 40 plus years of searching for the right opportunity.  Thank GOD I was lead here!!  NOTHING better!  GOD bless MT and for all those who help you in this room.  Being personally mentored by people making millions is amazing. Price is incredibly LOW for the ROI, but don’t tell.   Along with the fortune that can be made here is the positive atmosphere and culture that are conducive to personal growth & self-improvement.  I am ecstatic to come every day and have a hard time when it is the weekend.  I can’t wait for Mondays!



I just want to thank you for your incredible trading room and everything that you do for our community.I joined your room almost 2 years ago and have undergone the most incredible life transformation. In the past have tried tons of services, auto traders, signal services etc and every single one turned out to be a loser. Your room has changed everything for me and ultimately for my family. Your dedication to providing a flawless service is second to none and the help and support we receive from you and the other members is amazing.

I look forward to the start of the trading session with you and your room every day, so much so that weekends can’t end soon enough some times 🙂

Thank you MT from the bottom of my heart, I’m here for life!



“Your classroom is amazing! I can hardly wait for 9:00 EST! Your software is the bomb. Your teaching makes it easy for even a beginner to understand. Best of all, you have a heart felt concern for every student to become successful, leaving no one behind.”



This is the BEST trading room ever!  People are making so much money it would seem unbelievable to most.  This room totally pushes the boundaries as to what is possible… and it is done in a group chat with everyone assisting and supporting each other’s success.  An amazing group of people from all over the world succeeding and making money at trading.  It is the perfect scenario, and a wonderful and welcomed place to be every day of the week!



I absolutely love this room and can’t wait for the session to start every day. Your system is amazing. The advice and knowledge the MTs share so generously is priceless. I am so very blessed to have found your room and made the commitment to succeed here. Things are coming together now and I am very confident. I never thought learning to trade was going to take me on such a life changing journey. I love that thing you said, 3 hours for trading, 21 hours for mindset.

Mindset is key and I am growing every day.

Thank you.



Forex AI Pip Goals


10 Trades Per Day

Pips Per Month

Dollars Per Pip

*These are basic goals. You can take as many trades as you like, have higher or lower monthly pip goals, and use any dollar amount per pip.

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